• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 28

    Eww, now that is really pushing boundaries. It looks like Rainbow died a little inside hearing that.

    Good evening once again my friends! It's time for yet another day of the ATG with just a few more days left till your graduation celebration. All I can say is that I hope you've found this experience enlightening, challenging and fun and that you'll take what you've learned here to pursue further challenges in the realm of art!

    Tonight we've got an additional 102 ponies to add to the pony pile, bringing our total up to 5246 ponies! Just a few hundred more till we break that 5500 mark everyone. You all can do it!

    For tonight I figured I'd give you guys a pretty unique prompt that I hope you'll have fun with. Considering all the danger and adventure our ponies have I figured why not have our prompt be drawing a pony daredevil/drawing a pony living on the edge. I'm really curious to see what you budding artists can come up with for this one. Find the submitter here.

    Now onto the gallery!

    Update: Submitter link fixed.

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