• Story: When the Snow Melts


    Author: Bluespectre
    Description: Rush is a human who was born in a small mountain village. Losing his father when he was still young, Rush's mother remarries and teaches him in the healing arts. Throughout his youth, Rush never seems to quite fit in and has dreams of running across fields, drinking from crystal pure waters and of a white equine with a rainbow mane and eyes of the deepest purple. A world away, war rages between the forces of the night and day, the two Princess's fighting for dominance over the land of Equestria. Following the disastrous first battle at River Valley, Celestia flees the field pursued by two creatures brought to their world by her sister. As a last resort, Celestia uses a portal spell to escape and finds herself in a world where everything is different, and yet one seems strangely familiar.
    When the Snow Melts

    Additional Tags: An adventure romance that crosses worlds.