• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 23

    Considering how close some of you get to the deadline I'm sure you guys had some familiarity with the prompt last night. Still, getting in and meeting the deadline is an impressive feat all its own and I'm proud of you that manage it all the same, even those who missed it as you at least tried your best!

    Well, here we are day 23 guys, we've just a week to go until it is all over. Feels like we started only yesterday doesn't it? You've all grown so much and worked so hard and for that I thank you. It makes me feel proud for all of your hard work and the learning you've accomplished in the meantime. I really hope you'll come away from this event excited about art and continue down this path!

    Today we received a nice bunch of 125 ponies, bringing us up to 4722 ponies altogether! Keep it up my friends!

    As for today's prompt we've got a simpler one tonight as I want you to draw a pony fixing something/draw a pony on the mend. As usual find our submitter here.

    Twitter: Calpain