• Polish TV Already Aired Upcoming "Fault in Our Cutie Marks" Episode (Update: Now on Youtube)

    (Spoiler version of the post)

    While the next episode isn't slated until September 10th, something seems to have shifted in scheduling. "Fault in Our Cutie Marks" already aired over in Poland. At the moment, screenshots are starting to make the rounds.

    We will refrain from posting anything from the episode without the season 6 spoiler tag warnings on it for now (Including art and comics), so be sure to keep that on if you don't want to watch it in polish when it inevitably pops up somewhere. This will most likely spawn some fan art. If we get enough we will just do separate posts, but spoilers will be labeled and hidden as such in things like Drawfriend for the next three days.

    Obviously, be wary while browsing the internet!

    Below the break are a few screenshots of a new character.

    (Update: In true brony fandom fashion, it's already on Youtube below)

    Subtitles Added
    Youtube link (Polish language)

    That has to be the cutest griffon I have ever seen.

    Thanks to Karach for sending it!