• New BronyStudy Survey - Chance At Gift Cards for Science!

    BronyStudy is back with a new survey for the fandom, collecting all the sciency goodness we have to offer! The study is entering a new phase that hopes to expand their scope a bit but why not let one of the leaders of the survey speak for themselves?
    Hello, my name is Daniel (Professor Uponium) and I am one of the members of BronyStudy, last December we (myself and Dr. Stephen Reysen, who has worked with other fan groups from a social psychological perspective) asked the fandom to respond to a survey on Prosocial behaviors and we recieved a massive response. In comparing Bronies to general fans and other fan groups initial analysis shows that following the core message of the fandom seems to influence Bronies to engage in prosocial behaviors differently than what we would expect from previous research. I am currently working on both a presentation for a conference and a paper for publication on the topic and will post the full results and information as soon as we finish writing them up!

    Today I (along with Drs Reysen and Plante) would like to ask everypony's help on this new survey launching what we hope will be a broader future for BronyStudy and understanding of fandom and group identity. This survey will aid in collecting general information about the fandom and it's relation to other fan communities that have been examined and surveyed in the published literature. 

    For your time and participation in this survey, you will be eligible to enter your e­mail into a draw for the chance to win one of several $50 gift certificates to Amazon.com (your odds of winning the gift card are based on the number of entries and are estimated at 1 in 200). Your email entry will not be linked to your responses in any way to preserve your anonymity.
    So not only will you help out science but you have a chance at winning a gift card for yourself! Sounds like a pretty good deal. You can find the survey below!

    Survey Link

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