• Sulphur Nimbus, A Pony Inspired Game, Creates Kickstarter

    We've got a new game for you guys today inspired by FiM that initially started off as a game featuring Rainbow Dash. Over three years ago we featured some clips of the game here on EqD, showing off some of the combat and flight mechanics. After lying dormant all this time the creator is back, making it his main project but due to the legal reasons of using Rainbow Dash in a game he has revamped it to use completely original characters though their design would easily fit within the FiM universe.

    Keeping the same sort of mechanics as the short clips linked above, the creator has expanded on it quite a bit and has created a Kickstarter to put things into high gear. It looks very rough at the moment, but the same previews seem to promise a lot of content and the game's characters have a lovely look to them, especially Sulphur. As for the story, have a quick look below which was taken right from the Kickstarter page.

    Sulphur Nimbus works as a scouting bird on a merchant ship. One day, the captain is pressed for time and decides to take a shortcut across dangerous waters. This route goes past the island known as Dronningsøy, a name surrounded by ominous rumors. However, they are on schedule and all seems well, so Sulphur decides to fly a little closer to check it out. Suddenly a storm appears, as if by magic, and prevents her from returning to the ship . . .
    Caught your interest yet? Well with your donation you can gain access to all sorts of wonderful prizes, from plushies, the soundtrack, a physical copy of the game or even your OC in the game itself!

    Want to learn more? Check on after the break for the preview video if you're interested or find the Kickstarter link below! The game shows potential and it would be nice to have another pony type game wouldn't it?

    Kickstarter Link

    Kickstarter Link

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