• Sleep Well Purple Smart

    With the day finally done, Twilight can retreat back into her pancake bed and dream sweet dreams about all the nice posts she had on her special day.

    Well guys, that's a wrap! Thank you all for participating in this year's Twilight Day! We had a marvelous turnout, especially with artwork considering we had to have three posts in order to get them all up. We received over 100 emails and did our best with them and we hope you all enjoyed our little character day to appreciate our favorite purple horse.

    If your creations didn't get up on the site today don't fret just yet, some categories of content we just didn't receive very many of or had a hard time fitting into the schedule among all our normal posts. To make sure they get seen I've filed them into different features we have on the site whether it be Roundups, craft posts, customs, ect.

    For those of you just checking in, check out the Twilight Day tag to check out our posts for all things Twilight!

    Thanks again guys and we'll see you at our next appreciation day next month when we celebrate the start of Fashion Week with Rarity!

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