• Nightly Roundup #1356

    Twilight loves nothing more than some knowledge, so the Roundup is just perfect for her to satisfy all those little cravings she has. Even if sometimes the news does include cake.

    News time guys, get it after the break!

    Tonight's Stories

    Legend Of Everfree Parody |1| Twilight Forgot to Save

    A small parody of one of the promos we saw for Legend of Everfree! Check it out above!

    Button Mash and Sweetie Belle Play (Minecraft: Mineplex Mini Games)

    Sweetie Belle and Button Mash are back as they continue their gaming rampage!

    MLP: The Mentally Advanced Series (Animated) Episode 14

    Remember when the Mentally Advanced Series used to use scenes from the show? Well, someone has taken one of those old episodes and recreated them with stills this time. Find it above!

    Simpy Fabulous Cake!

    Ah, some cake! Nothing like a cake to make a Roundup, right?

    Fallout Equestria Project Horizons - Chapter 60

    Up for some FoE tonight? Get a nice helping of it above!

    Comic Time - The Library Card

    Midnight is back with one of her lovely comic dubs. I can't be the only one that really loves her voice am I?

    Stray Twilight Fanfic - When The Sun Stops Shining

    We didn't have enough fanfics submitted for a post, but here's the one sent into us for you guys to check out!

    Twilight Sparkle was just crowned as the Princess of Friendship, and all is well in her life, until a tragic, life changing event occurs, forcing Twilight to overcome the most difficult challenge of her life.

    "Friendship is not about who you've known the longest, its about who came and never left your side."

    Check out the full story here!

    Tonight's Groups Looking For More

    Midnight in Equestria

    Hello Equestria Daily & Readers of the roundup or article!
    Well, we're back after after a month of technical problems & other things. We're still having our Prisoner in Equestria-themed show but we're including discussions of this week & last week's Pony episodes, "Stranger Than Fan Fiction" & "The Cart Before the Ponies" during the first hour.
    In the second hour, most of the broadcast will be free-format open lines discussing any topic including but not limited to Legends of Equestria & Police State Equestria while Sakura goes live from the Canterlot Detention Center thanks to the warden. We'll also have Twitter Shoutouts, the Bitcoin Markets & more so be sure to follow our new Twitter account @StudioEquestria
    Tune in this Saturday, August 6th at 10 PM Eastern Time/7 PM Pacific Time live on Parasprite Radio. If you also want to participate in the broadcast as a caller, you can join the Discord chat here: https://discord.gg/0SCxKHXd9bXOgeEb or you can join us on the IRC chat on Parasprite's website & we'll also chat with you guys. You can also write to us at: midnightinequestria@linuxmail.org or tweet at our Twitter: @StudioEquestria
    Image credit goes to Hobgoblin101, a fan of the show for making this gorgeous art for the show: http://hobgoblin101.deviantart.com/art/Commision-Sakura-599348005

    Voice Actors and Audio Editors Needed

    Check out the google doc for more info
    Due Date August 16th 2016 the winners will also be announced the same day

    CinemaQuestria's Weekday Events: Monday August 8th to Thursday August 11th

    Check out what on tap this week at CinemaQuestria! Join us Monday for a NEW episode of Pokémon XYZ, and the NEW season of Star vs. on Tuesday!

    ~~All times EDT~~

    • 5:00p - *SPECIAL* Teen Titans: The Video Game playthrough, pt II
    • 6:38p - Teen Titans (Kole)
    • 7:01p - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [2012] (Enemy of My Enemy)
    • 7:23p - Pokémon Advanced Challenge (Go Go Ludicolo / A Double Dilemma)
    • 8:07p - *NEW* Pokémon XYZ (Championing a Research Battle!)
    • 8:30p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy [only SD]

    • 5:00p - *NEW* ~LIVE~ Equine Episode Examination (The Cart Before the Ponies)
    > MLP is on BACK, and at EEE we're back to discussing the new MLP episodes! Join us every week as some of the CQ staff get together for a live discussion about an MLP episode (or other topics), and you're invited to the roundtable. We'll discuss the various aspects of the episode, and what we liked and didn't like. Everyone is welcome to participate in the discussion in the chat while we talk on stream!
    • 7:46p - Pokémon Advanced Challenge (Love, Petalburg Style / Balance of Power)
    • 8:30p - *NEW* Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Starstruck / Camping Trip)
    • 8:52p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy [only SD]


    VIEWER-PICK MOVIE NIGHT w/ "Austin Power in Goldmember" & "The Road to El Dorado"

    • 7:00p - August 24th Movie Nominations Announced / Voting Opens
    • 7:15p - Austin Powers in Goldmember
    • 8:50p - August 17th movie night winners announced!
    • 9:10p - The Road to El Dorado

    > Voting for your August 17th Movies is still OPEN thru Tuesday at noon EDT. Vote here: http://j.mp/CQvote
    > Submit movie suggestions into our movie database system here: http://j.mp/CQsubmitmovie

    • 8:00p - CQ Power Playback: Power Rangers - Lost Galaxy [only SD]

    Have a great week, and see you on http://www.CinemaQuestria.com!

    CinemaQuestria's Weekly Friday Game Night

    Hello bronies!

    CinemaQuestria's weekly Friday Night Game is an event dedicated to multiplayer video games! If you are into good fun with other gamers, than this event is for you!

    During the week, you can suggest games we should add into the list for future game nights here, and you can vote for what game you want to be played the following week here. The wining game is announced when AnimeQuestria has concluded. Game Night then begins shortly thereafter, around 9:30 pm EDT USA (GMT -5).

    You can find out more information on game night and a non-exhaustive list of games we play here.

    Join our Steam group to stay in the loop on important game night related events and announcements here.

    Other relevant links:

    Visual Novel in need of Artists

    Good evening reader,

    We are a team creating visual novels and we are currently seeking vector artists to complete our ranks.

    We have two main projects on the way. The first one is A Night In Ponyville focuses on the story of a pony spending one night in Ponyville during his stay he meets the Mane6. This game is a tech demo, and is here to see how far the team can get. The second game, The Last Guardian, tells the story of the reappearance of the long lost and forgetten Element of Protection, The seventh element of Harmony. This will be our main game.

    We need people who can create vectors from scratch and not traced from the show, who are willing to work in a team. If you can create backgrounds, it will be a big plus for us. If you want to apply, please send an email to canterlot.storytellers@gmail.com

    If you want to get information and updates about the game, you can also join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/EKgKNW4), follow us on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/canterlotstorytellers/) or on our forum (http://canterlot-st.boards.net/).

    Pointless Ponies Update (08-06-2016)


    This is the last week to take the Pointless Ponies surveys. As a reminder, Pointless Ponies will be played at BronyCAN on Friday, August 19th, at 3:15pm Pacific Time. I will also be hosting Definition on Saturday, August 20th at 4:15pm at BronyCAN in Richmond, BC.

    The more respondents to these surveys, the better. The more complete surveys, the better.

    Survey 2: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2774583/Pointless-Ponies

    Survey 3: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2850155/Pointless-Ponies-3

    Survey 4A: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2937532/Pointless-Ponies-4A

    Again, the surveys close next Saturday, August 13th.


    Stable Tec Studios is looking for new talent

    Stable Tec Studios, currently working on the Fallout Equestria animated series, who have also been creating Fallout Equestria audio dramas such as Confessions of a Wasteland Pony, the Fallout Equestria audiobook and Terminal Secrets, (links below), is looking to recruit new talent into its ranks.

    Currently we are looking to expand our work on audio dramas, motion comics, regular comics and short stories. Whilst most of these take place in the world of Fallout Equestria there are original, non-pony, projects that we are exploring as well.

    However as the animation has reached a critical stage and cannot spare the art or animation team we are building a new team dedicated to these projects.

    This includes:
    2D Artists
    Audio Editors
    VFX Specialists

    Applicants must present examples of recent work to be considered, if you are interested please email stabletecstudios@gmail.com

    Benbrook, Texas Bronies

    Group Name: Cowtown Bronies

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/150010852093293/

    Location: Benbrook, Texas, United States

    Tonight's Podcasts and Blogs

    Spice Up Review

    Starlight Glimmer - Is there appeal? MK MLP

    Why Cloudchaser is Best Pony

    Brony Problems: Brony Analyst

    This video will go over all the things that are positive and negative about the Brony analyst Community. We will figure out why a lot of people like to over exaggerate about a show that is meant for little girls, when it should only be about the entertainment and how you were enjoying it.

    Pegasus Critic Reviews: My Little Pony - The Cart Before the Ponies

    Tonight's Merchandise

    Today In Pony History

    August 8, 2011-2015

    2011 - Do You Like Bananas?

    2012 - Some tidbits from Lauren Faust.

    2013 - Youtube posts ponies!

    2014 - Guardian animation released.

    2015 - Second Friendship Games short released.

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