• Cover and More Info Revealed for Official "Tails of Equestria" My Little Pony RPG

    For those that haven't been following the media tab lately, we are getting our very own official My Little Pony pen and paper RPG soon from the people over at River Horse.

    The team is planning on releasing this at the end of the year right now, but nothing is set in stone for specific dates. I know the convention season for 2017 is going to be RPG filled if they do manage to get it out in time!

    Get the added infos on it below the break.

    From River Horse Press release: 

    You want to see something cool? Check out the full cover of My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria by clicking on the picture above (or here!). You see? Pretty cool, that's what you will have to be looking out for later this year when we release the full game! For those of you not in the know, we at River Horse have been working our hooves to the bone to bring MLP and traditional roleplay gaming (RPGs) together (MLPRPG or Milerperpegeh) and its been a blast! I thought I would take this moment to talk a little about the cover, a hugely important part of any book!

    What design choices went into the cover?

    We knew pretty early on what we wanted out of the cover, we wanted to show anyone who looked at it what they would be getting when they opened the book, that is to say ponies and adventure! Working with the fantastic Amy Mebberson, we decided that catching an adventuring party halfway through their travels would give the best impression. So it went that we created a party, following the classic three person fighter/wizard/rogue set up that is such a staple in traditional roleplaying games. My little pony is a fantastic introduction to roleplaying games partly because of its vibrant world and varied species which meant we could show the magical unicorns, strong earth ponies and speedy pegasi in an instant and people would immediately identify with the archetypal party we made. After that it was a matter of placing them in an adventure (navigating through the Everfree forest!) and the rest fell into place.

    Thanks to Chrissy for sending it!