• "Stranger Than Fan Fiction": Episode Followup

    … I seriously think the show runners really took the title of this episode to heart. Seeing Sethisto and Trixie like this… dang I really was not expecting it.

    I also wasn't expecting Seth to let me keep this episode followup after he saw this. Huh. Guess somethings really are stranger than fan fiction.

    On an completely related note, Seth wants to read this particular fan fiction. For some reason I get the feeling the inbox is about to be flooded with Trixisto fan fics.

    I hope everyone is ready. Season 6 returned yesterday, and today I—The Illustrious Q—bring back Equestria Daily's Episode Followups!

    Be sure to grab a sandwich before you check it out after the break!

     She found it! Daring Do found the Legendary Closed Captioning of Disbro!

    Query: Why do pegasi have wings if they refuse to use them? 

    Answer: So they can put their little winged meatbagged bodies under venomous hoods. 

     What? You don't like HK-47? For shame Rainbow Dash. For absolute shame.

    See, even Twilight agrees with me. She knows full well how awesome HK is and— 

    Uhh… Twilight is looking right at me… I thought only the pink one could see beyond that wall. 

    Oh yes, thank you, Rainbow! Please take Twilight's attention away from the overweight man behind the computer screen and instead make her incredibly uncomfortable with whatever it is you are currently whispering in her ear with your eyes.   

    1) This is without contest one of the absolute cutest faces Rainbow Dash has ever made. 2) I made the exact same face when I first walked into NYCC… 6 years ago. Please excuse me while I go and figure out how make myself not feel old again.

    Definitely drawing inspriation from some of the really big comic cons out there. Two story booths, the tower of T-shirts, the well overpriced convention food vendor manned by overworked/underpaid employees. The only thing they got wrong is the size of the crowd. There's usually 5 times as many peons in these hallways.

    They've even got a custom bootleg plushie booth! This really is just like Comic-Con! And I must say I love the designs of all these ponies! 

    Especially this one with the starburst on his butt. Who is… apparently MLP show Producer Devon Cody?

    Okay, I know for a fact that that first image is inspired by a room in Legends of the Hidden Temple. 

    And so Rainbow Dash meets Patton Oswalt her new best friend Quibble Pants. Though I'm much more curious as to who the pony with the green bandanna is. He looks like he has a fascinating backstory. Now if only we had a fandom with an army of writers capable of filling in that gap…

    Why do I get the feeling I just caused yet another flood of fanfics to hit the inbox?

    Apparently, the level of detail in the objects in the pony world increases like craze the closer the camera zooms into them. I wonder what this means for our favorite little ponies…

    Though if we had to zoom in on this one, we'd miss out on how absolutely adorable she is! 

    And the winner for best face of the episode is Rainbow Dash! By a long shot. Even Quibble knows he lost that contest at this point. 

    Again, I absolutely love all these new pony designs! The purple foal is just way too cute! 

     Huh. So that's what you do when you're given an extra 30 minutes in the ball pit.

    Another scene transition and yet even more incredibly well designed unique ponies. And just look at that background! You can actually make out Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 cardboard cutouts in the upper right-hand corner! And in the middle—

    …I'm expecting at least three different versions of this to show up at the next major Pony Convention. And I know one of them is going to be a straight screen grab of this. 

    Wow, the show staff even brought in the Funko and WeLoveFine vinyl figures. And two of those figures actually exist! Now if only WeLoveFine would get on that third one.  

    Three bits for a regular soda? The look on the employee's face makes this transaction 100% accurate to life of food service at SDCC.

    Yes these two new friends definitely had a good time today at the con. There is absolutely nothing that could possible ruin this budding friendship. Also, I love how the carrots were animated on the hot dog machine in the back during this whole exchange. Fantastic work! 

    Rainbow Dash: So I was thinking that after lunch we could go and do something from the episodes I, II, and III.

    Quibble Pants: What is she talking about? There are only four Star Wars Movies! 

    Rainbow Dash: Jar Jar Binks is not a terrible character!

    Quibble Pants: Oh and now you're calling an annoying, dimwitted, anti-comedic moron whose only reason for existence is because George Lucas forgot how to write a good character!

    Rainbow Dash: You're putting words in my mouth!

    Quibble Pants: But that's exactly what you said!

    I find the amount of facial hair that the male ponies have to actually be fairly accurate for the second day of any convention. Shaving, what's that?

    And while the crowd is mortified, the Carrot Dog attendant smiles quietly. I bet she lives for drama like this.

    Okay, apparently the contention takes place at the Grand Budapest Hotel. I won't even ask how this is possible, since I'm pretty sure a hotel basement isn't two stories tall, but let's roll with the film reference.

    Rainbow, if simply asking the front desk to give a message to *insert celebrity guest here* actually worked there would be a lot more Bronies keeping the front desk staff busy. I think that's also the reason Guest of Honor are also located at hotels away from the convention attendees.

    Though apparently A.K. Yearling got the message and… A.K. what are you doing? 


    Huh. Well, I guess we know what makes Rainbow Dash—
    *notices shotgun planted on side of head*

    No Daring Do episode would be complete without his guy showing up at some point. Even if it is only as a cosplay. Also for some strange reason I get the feeling that the two ponies dressed up as him are Cherry Berry and Applejack. Though I can't quite put my finger on the tail as to why.

    Also, does this mean that Apple Bloom is in the head?

    Okay, this has to be a nasty burn. Even your henchponies are buying Daring Do merchandise. Though I seriously don't want to know what he's planning on doing with that body pillow later. 

    We have three different Daring Do book covers here. And apparently a new cover artist was hired for the latest book in the series. 

    Okay, apparently Rainbow Dash got Doctor Caballeron confused with a gender bent cosplayer of him. Dang it, why are all the best Cosplays at Comic-Con usually genderbent versions of male characters?

    …Okay, there is no way in heck that one of those henchmen didn't spot Rainbow Dash and Dummy right here. Also, in the background we have the full poster of Daring Do in front of an egyptian god. 

    It took me three rewatches to figure out which extremely well know pony was wearing this cosplay.

    Yes, going out on the loading dock with at least 5 bad ponies after your person hero is a definitely a good idea. And you take mister annoying with you. What could possibly go wrong? 

    Oh. You get kidnapped by Doctor Caballeron's newest henchmen: Dusty Katt.

    I like the little attenttion to details that the animators put into these episodes. In this scene we're actually being show how Rainbow Dash lost her convention admission hoofband. Also, ponies use hoofbands as opposed to lanyards for non political conventions.

    Either that, or the Daring Do convention is actually really, really small and they couldn't afford lanyards.

    Caballeron: Why is this technicolor Daring Do knockoff pointing at me? 

    Caballeron: And now the rejected Daring Do knockoff is pointing at me.

    Caballeron: Only I get to point at me! 

    A couple things. 1) I actually like that they used chains on their prisoners as opposed to ropes that ponies can eat through. 2) Why does the pony inspired by Dusty Katt look like he's about to wet himself?

    Okay, I know we've seen wings used as appendages like arms before, but stopping your future husband from walking onto a rickety bridge is a new one.

    Of course he falls through a rotten plank. And Rainbow Dash is clearly not interested in what's happening to the soon to be Mr. Rainbow Dash.

    …I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've actually seen how a Pony's tail connects to their plot. Though this does bring up another question: did Quibble Pants dye his mane and tail to look like that?

    And this is the moment when Quibble Pants realizes that he left the stove on at his apartment.

    The contrast in emotion between these two ponies speaks volumes. In the foreground we have the confidant daredevil who has perform stunts far more dangerous than this in the last six years. In the background, we have the creator of the Crimson Chin going through what has to be his first jump out of a perfectly good airplane. 

    Oh Tandam skydiving, got to love it.

    I'm pretty sure a rope doesn't triple in size after it's been bitten on. I do believe we found an animation error.

    And it is here that Quibble Pants realized that perhaps he shouldn't have followed the annoying rainbow colored mare who like the Star Wars Prequels. He should have know beyond all doubt that that way leads to nothing but pain and heartache.

    Quibble Pants: This tree is either going to have me land on my plot or catapult me back into the sky. Please let it be the first option.

    Quibble pants first entry into the already won best face contest.

    Entry number two.

    Entry number… wow. I did not know that Rainbow Dash is Jenn Blake. Guess that means she's the patron saint of lesbians.

    Entry number "I'm blowing up my face."

    Entry… Quibble, give it a rest. You're starting to freak out Rainbow Dash.

    Judging by the look on Quibble's face, one can only imagine the conclusion he came to in the comparison that was going through his mind in just that second.

    Aztec styled background art! Is there anything this show doesn't do!?

    …Apparently is also shows how one gets hoof and mouth disease. Quibble do you even know where that's been?

    Frieza: Annoying stupid pony, I'd like for you to meet my friend: Major Muck Monster!

    Quibble Pants: Major Muck… what… oh.

    And it is here we find the heroes of our story holding out for a hero. Gee I wonder who could possibly swoop in at the last second to save their multicolored equine plots.

    …you don't have to be so smug about it Daring.

    Quibble Pants must have thought he was seeing double when first saw these two together in the same place. Of course that look of smug satisfaction on Rainbow's face probably helped him realize the truth very quickly.

    Let's just pause for a second to really take a look at these wall designs. They are absolutely incredible.

    Look at all four different door designs! Earth pony! Pegasus! Unicorn! Alicorn! Fantastic work from the show staff!

    Seriously, wings are definitely being used as arms and hands here. I love this and we need more of it!

    Quibble Pants: Okay, are you two sisters or something?

    Rainbow Dash: I know the perfect way to find out!

    And it was at this moment that Quibble Pants saw the entirety of his life flash before his eyes.

    I can only wonder what went through Rainbow Dash's mind when Daring Do placed her wing on her muzzle.

    I know Rainbow dash is asking about what Daring is going to do with the Magic McGuffan, but there is a far more pressing question that she really should be asking. One which could leave Rainbow and Quibble in far more greater danger back in Manehatten. 

    Hoofbumps? Aren't those like so three seasons ago?

    And in typical adventure story fashion, our heroes walk off into the sunset… with neither ever quite realizing that they're going to have to explain why A.K. Yearling skipped out on the con.

    Just seeing Patton Oswalt getting top billing on an Episode of My Little Pony is incredible. And this was an absolutely fun episode to bring him into the universe with.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this has been The Illustrious Q, and welcome back to Season 6 of MLP! Till next time!