• Discussion: Twilight Sparkle Has Been an Alicorn For As Many Epsiodes As She Was a Unicorn Now

    With the 130th episode airing, Twilight Sparkle is officially about to pass the threshold of being an alicorn for longer than she was a unicorn. Magical Mystery Cure was the halfway point between the start of MLP and now.

    I have to admit, there are many times where I miss the old Twilight and her freshly social adorkable ways. We haven't had a cute Twilight episode like Look Before You Sleep in forever. But what has replaced her isn't really bad at all in my opinion. She's still an excellent character with lots of fun characterization.

    What do you all think? Was she better as a unicorn? Or is she superior as an alicorn?

    Discuss below!

    Thanks to Nutbar for the heads up.