• Ponyville Ciderfest Welcomes Big Jim Miller

    The big brony event over in Milwaukee has added yet another special guest. Showrunner Big Jim Miller will be in attendance this year for their October 28th convention.

    Go get the full press release below!

    We’re trying to catch em’ all by adding Big Jim Miller to #PCF2016!

    Character art by Michelle Stehlik
    Background art by Kelsey Carlson

    The excitement is doubled for us at Ponyville Ciderfest!  First, we’re very excited to see brand new episodes of My Little Pony return, as the second half of Season 6 is underway!  It only seemed like yesterday that the mid-season hiatus came, and unfulfilled Saturdays without our favorite ponies.  But now they’re back for more adventures every Saturday morning!
    And we have another guest announcement!  Our next guest is a major part of the show, and helps make sure the hiatuses are short.  We’re proud to announce Big Jim Miller as our next Guest of Honor to Ponyville Ciderfest 2016!
    Jim Miller currently is co-director for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, serving in that role since Season 4.  He has also worked as a storyboard artist and a supervisor for the show.  In addition to his behind the scenes work, Jim has voiced a few characters on the show.  He has provided the voices for Troubleshoes, King Sombra, and Goldengrape.  Outside of MLP:FiM, Jim has worked on Ed, Edd, ‘n Eddy.
    This is Jim’s first time at Ponyville Ciderfest, but not his first time hanging out with us for a weekend.  Jim also was a Guest of Honor at Whinny City Pony Con in Chicago this past April.
    Jim joins Peter New and Willa Milner as Guests of Honor for Ponyville Ciderfest this year, and we have lots more to announce over the coming months! Stay tuned and register today!