• Spotlight Music: Wanderlust / I can do it on my own (JTH Remix) /

    I haven't added a new 8bit or Chiptune song to my playlist since the days of interrobang pie! Good to see some awesome modern day music creators tackle the genre for once!

    And following that, we already have a remix of I Can Do it on My Own from Join the Herd. It's pretty basic Drums and Bass considering how quick it was released, but still has a good beat.

    And finally, if that wasn't enough Drums and Bass for you, we have yet another from a new guy. Test it out and the other two below!

    1.) Matt Twigg & µThunder - Wanderlust (Instrumental - 8-bit)
    2.) I can do it on my own (JTH Remix) (Remix - Drums and Bass)
    3.) New Reverian - "Magenta & Nimbus" (Instrumental - Drums and Bass)