• Spotlight Music: Insane / Pie in the Sky / Friends

    Synthis returns with another awesome dancy song in his usual upbeat style. Plus cute socks on the cover. Double awesome.

    Pinkie Pie IN THE FUTURE hits you up in the second slot from Jastrain. Expect a good combo of both chill electronic with Pinkie's energy littered throughout.

    And finally, someone with just the name Pony Music released another Drums and Bass track just in case you weren't overwhelmed with it earlier. Go get them all below!

    1.) Synthis - Insane ft. Sora (Vocal - Electronic / Indie Dance)
    2.) Jastrian - Pie in the Sky (Instrumental - Chill)
    3.) Pony Music - Friends [DnB] (Remixish - Drums and Bass)