• Patreon Celebration - June - TWILIGHT SPARKLE Edition

    Another month down on our ride into trying Patreon out! Thanks a ton to all the people that have donated so far! Even if its just a dollar, everything helps.

    As promised, we are now taking quotes for this celebration post. Most people still don't request their rewards, but a good amount do. If you missed this post, you can still submit them over at the patreon page message box. A lot of people want to stay anon, and I respect that.

    We are still looking for new ideas to add, so if you have any good rewards you think would gel well with the site without causing any sort of locking out of content for certain people, please comment below with it.

    If you are just now finding about this for the first time, check out the patreon announcement for all the details, including why we need one. You can also get a shorter description on the page itself.

    A few people asked for Twilight Sparkle related things this month, so expect DOMINATION by purple nerdhorse, with and without wings.

    Now go!

    Tier 1 - Just a name and Quote!


    Clément: "Scamper" Charlot: "Rainbow Dash is best waifu"

    Luster: "Join your local meetup group! Friendship really is magic."


    Joseph: "A shout out to the South Australian Bronies! Everyone enjoy the next few episodes before the hiatus."

    Shadowkrosser  - "Starlight + Trixie = YAY EQD is life! (other than gaming and working) Love to all the EQD crew and thanks for all you do."

    iamfoolykoolyd : "I feel good after coming home from work and watching MLP. It's a feel good feeling to know there is order to calm me down from the chaos."

    Nman625: "Happy celebration I supposes. WOO!"

    My Dog Carla: "I am happy support this site with all of you! Twilight is the best pony but Luna is still the best princess!!"
    Steely Hooves

    Curtis Montgomery:  "Please be careful out there. Give my regards to the next frog you meet." 

    Christian Archbelt: "I'm so sorry I didn't get here sooner...I didn't get your messages until just now because I was caught in this time travel loop..."

    Gareth "Fizzy apple cider? Ugh! This is my coronation, not a hoedown."

    Tier 2 - Include an image! 

    (From Trebek!)

    (From Ashley)

    (From Silent Dash):
    >Exam in 2 weeks
    >Me irl

    (From Niels Olof): "for the greater glory of Rarity"

    Rezakozen: "Shout out to all the MD/ND peeps. You are all great people, and I enjoy being in the discussions with you. Also, Derpy is best pone. :D"

    Tier 3 - Include a video!

    From: Samuel

    From DoodledPony: "The disease must be known about! [laugh track]"

    All Other Tiers!

    Jouva (Seth Note: Technically these aren't allowing advertising, but secret ship fic is awesome) :
    "Check out the Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder fan and card creating community at childrenofkefentse.com"

    Ryan: "Thanks for all you do, i know this fandom can be a bit crazy sometimes but you as well as everyone else has stuck with it through nearly six seasons, love you guys"

    Ajnrules: "I love Rainbow Dash!"

    Crono Flash: "Sugar Fang is happy that Brony Con is so close. Here's a secret message for fun: (Eurqb Vwuhdphu: wzlwfk grw wy vodvk furqriodvk) Hint: GF"

    AidanofVT: "Star Citizens: Iron Pony Merc. Group is your one-stop shop for ponies AND affordable pilots!"

    Lahirien: "Amicitia est magica"

    Bill Ames: "I now own part of Hasbro and they gave me money as part of the deal. Please treat my ponies well and give as a Patreon in support of EQD!"

    Novel Idea: Creative Director & Lead Designer of the Manehattan Project for Gardens of Equestria. "Do it right, do it with style."

    User: "Trixie and Glimglam are the bestest and most powerfulest unicorns of all time! Nopony beats them!" 

    TwilightPony: "Twilight Sparkle invites you to come this way, To her journal every day Leave a note, chew the hay Twilightpony.dreamwidth.org, s'il te plait"