• Tons of Stock Images of Legends of Everfree Dolls, Roller Derpy, and Budget Equestria Girls Dolls Appear

    Legends of Everfree Twilight Sparkle DollLegends of Everfree Sunset Shimmer Doll

    The upcoming Legends of Everfree movie is going to come with the usual flood of Equestria Girls dolls, including some of those new characters we don't know much about yet. If you are collecting them, head on down below the break for stock images on the upcoming ones, along with some of those skater dolls hitting Amazon.

    Legends of Everfree Dolls: 

    Legends of Everfree Glorious Daisy DollLegends of Everfree Glorious Daisy Doll

    Legends of Everfree Doll Rarity

    Legends of Everfree Doll Fluttershy

    Legends of Everfree Doll Rainbow DashLegends of Everfree Doll Rainbow Dash

    Legends of Everfree Doll Sunset ShimmerLegends of Everfree Doll Sunset Shimmer

    Legends of Everfree Doll Twilight SparkleLegends of Everfree Doll Twilight Sparkle

    Budget Dolls: 

     Skater Dolls:

     These four are on Amazon:

    Pinkie Pie
    Sunny Flare
    Lemon Zest

    Thanks to Andrea for sending them!

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