• GalaCon Game Shows Announcement And Panel Application Closure

    And GalaCon has released another announcement for their upcoming 2016 edition for the con, this time introducing the various game shows they will have at the con. They have also closed panel applications for this year.

    Find both press releases below the break!

    Curtain Up for GalaCon Game Show Summer!

    When planning our convention program and the set of panels and shows, we always try to look for something new, something exciting to please our visitors needs. We learn from your feedback and are always happy to see a novelty panel rise from a plain item to a big part of our convention.

    One of this start-ups was Pony Jeopardy, the first game show at GalaCon that immediately caught on with the audience and became one of the most popular panels at last year’s convention.

    Because Pony Jeopardy was such a great success, we will not only repeat the show in an improved and advanced shape – there will additionally be a Pony version of the well-known Family Feud to make your GalaCon experience even more exciting!

    Therefore “curtain up” for the GalaCon Game Show Summer where you can not only watch and ask our guests and panelists, but also become an actual part of the show and put your knowledge about the show and fandom on the test.

    So don´t miss our game shows taking place on both Saturday and Sunday in overall four rounds. There will even be a little – but still very exciting – surprise at the end, so don´t leave to early. Exact show times and locations will be announced in the timetable later.
    Panel Applications Closed – Stay Tuned For More Announcements!

    The panel applications for GalaCon 2016 are now finally closed. We will get in contact with the applicants within the next days.

    This also means that we will be coming up with more pannel announcements within the next weeks. So stay tuned!

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