• Grand Brony Gala - Stage Show: Dreams At the Gala

    Grand Brony Gala has released information on their upcoming event this August. If you happen to be in Florida this year, head on down below for the infos!

    The Grand Galloping Gala, with Stage Show: Dreams At the Gala
    At the Grand Brony Gala, Aug 13th, 2016. Saturday Night ONLY!

    The Grand Galloping Gala has never looked so beautiful, and Twilight and her
    friends have never been happier. Twilight has brought her new pupil
    Starlight to the gala hoping to make the night into one tidy friendship
    lesson. Starlight, however, feels uncomfortable with her new position and
    feels left out when her friends reminisce about the past. When an old and
    powerful entity bent on fulfilling dreams is determined to fulfill
    Starlight’s dream of Equality, it will take all the powers of friendship to
    keep the ponies together. Don’t miss our exciting Saturday night show;
    Dreams at the Gala.

    Daniel Ingram called last year's show "A Masterpiece". This show has sold
    out every year for the past four years! You don't want to miss it. To get
    tickets: http://grandbronygala.com/registration.html

    See a clip of Bruce Carr's amazing performance as Henbane: