• MY LITTLE PONY Movie Concept Slides from Russian Pony Convention (UPDATED)

    (Note: We have been asked to remove the images)

    We haven't had a chance to 100% fact check this just due to our lack of Russian correspondence, but as some of you have probably picked up over the last few years, the Russian pony fandom is gigantic. For the most part it's almost completely disconnected from us outside of a bit of crossover in music and art.

    They ran a convention called PonyRadioCon, which apparently had a Hasbro backed presentation on the My Little Pony movie with concepts and merchandise included in a bunch of slides.

    Again, we still need to fact check this, but for now, things seem Hasbroish enough. Especially from the presentation these original from (video below).

    Go get it down below! And SPOILER WARNING on a specific race that might make an appearence.

    Update: Now with huge translations revealing a bunch from the movie on the presentation!


    (Takedown requested on bullets too)

    Full presentation below!

    Thanks to Stefano, Iva, Brandon, and Никита for sending it!