• EFNW Announces Adamtheamazing64 and a Promo Video!

    Promo videos are in when it comes to conventions! Check out this new promo for EFNW along with an announcement of Adamtheamazing64 after the break!

    We hope you all had fun at BABSCon this past weekend, and now we're gearing up for even more fun at the next MLP convention: Everfree Northwest! Today’s community guest announcement is extra special, as we not only get to release our official promo animation for the year, but announce the animator who made it as well! Everfree Northwest is proud to announce that Adamtheamazing64 will be joining us and co-hosting the Ponies: The Anthology panel in less than three weeks! Can't wait until then? Check out our promo animation and Adamtheamazing64's Youtube channel to view more of his works!

    ☆ Adamtheamazing64 is a SFM-Ponies Youtube animator, heavily focused on shot development and character animation.

    Working with many other popular content creators in the SFM-Ponies group, he strives towards showcasing comedic shorts to entertain the masses.

    Some of his most popular works are [SFM Ponies]: Bacon Pancakes, [SFM Ponies]: For The Longest Time, [SFM Ponies]: Five Nights at Pinkies 1 & 2, and his recent footsteps into the Undertale community, A Stroll Through Temmie Village!

    Twitter: Calpain