• Patreon Supporter Update - Message on Patreon for Rewards!

    As a good amount of you already know, we launched a patreon last month. You can read all about that over here! I don't want to take up too many slots here on EQD with it, so I'm commandeering the usually empty 10:00 point for an update.

    As of today, the rewards for first month donators have officially begun. I'll be rolling them out over the next three days with the celebratory post for the first few catrgories going up with all their specific contributors. If you donated, we need you to contact us though!

    For anyone expecting an award, please send a message over on Patreon on the actual EQD page. I wasn't sure if everyone saw the message there. If you were in the 2-5 pledges, send what you wanted linked. The same goes for any of the other slots. This is just the best way to get confirmation and match you up with your reward!

    Thanks again to everyone that has donated so far! It's so humbling to see so many people supporting like this. Sometimes EQD feels a little bit disconnected just due to how much comes in and out, and I'm glad people like us enough to hop in here!