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    How good are hooves for massages I wonder? I guess it would, be like using one of those hard plastic roller thingies. Those are cool.

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    Japan PonyCon Reports In!

    Japan PonyCon has just finished its first ever 2 day convention, May 4th and 5th in Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu. This year, instead of a hall, we tried for a hotel. This allowed us to have more rooms for panels and activities, as well as allowed attendees to keep items in their rooms close by. It had always been our dream to host a multi-day convention in a hotel, and now it has become a reality. This was a big step for our convention, and took a lot of work, and we were nervous, but seeing the happy faces on the attendees made it all worthwhile.

    Both days were jam packed with panels, guests, amazing cosplays and fun. May 4th we had a karaoke contest, crafts like shadowbox making in the general area, artist alley filled with amazing pieces, and closed the day off with our DJ event, featuring special live guests The Living Tombstone and Odyssey Eurobeat Brony. A get together with these talented guests for our Sponsor tier attendees followed the live event.

    On May 5th, we started off the day with informative panels about brony conventions in Europe, and then the US. Then our main guest, the talented and always hilarious Tabitha St. Germain joined us by Skype call and had everyone laughing as she joked around, gave us insight in the MLP VA world, and judged some Japanese fans' Rarity impressions. The artist alley opened with all new artists and incredible pieces, and the day finished with the charity auction, followed by a “technically after the con, but still in the con” cooldown event, where everyone had to say goodbye, for now.

    We're proud to announce that 379 attendees came out to have a great time, and many people around the world will soon receive their Japan PonyCon conbook and swag since they supported us through the “Spirit” attendee tier. The charity auction raised a whopping ¥644,030 (approx $6012) that will be sent to Kumamoto quake relief, and we want to thank everyone that donated an item or bid on one. As usual, the generosity of the fandom is beyond belief.

    Japan PonyCon would like to thank everyone that attended, or supported the con through “Spirit” attendee levels. It's always a great feeling to see so many people brought together by a simple, positive message. Japan PonyCon WILL return next year!

    I have no idea - Something with Button Mash

    Lullaby for a Princess Portugues Version

    Celestia's Savagely Chases A Piece Of Pie

    Article on Phoebie and Her Unicorn and the Friendship is Magic influences.

    Go read it over here!

    Panini Comics MLP Comic Stuff

    Check it out over here!

    Analysis / Review

    RarityDash Reviews #2- No Second Prances

    Check it out here!

    Pony Facts About Twilight's Mom

    Just a simple pony facts video but made to the theme of Mother's Day. Did you hug your mother yet? :P

    Check it out over here!

    Is Starlight Glimmer The 7th Element of Harmony? - The MayhemProne Show

    Hello again! MayhemProne here! I missed my analysis video last week (due to finals), but I've got a new one ready now! Today I'me asking, "Is Starlight Glimmer The 7th Element Of Harmony?"

    Check it out here.

    Mystery Brony Theater 4000 "Battle Of The Bands/The Great Lemonade Stand Wars"

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    RIM Podcast 6!

    Check it out here!

    Pony 411 Episode 140- You're a Wonderbolt, Dashie

    Hello there! Welcome to episode 140! We have a small amount of news this week. Some of it includes con announcements, a blooper, several new episodes, and a bit more. Not a lot more, but a bit.

    Nemesis and Alca7raz then review a comic! It's Friends Forever #28, and it's about Luna and the CMC. A potentially dangerous combo! After that, the conversation turns to the new episode, "Newbie Dash!" She finally becomes a Wonderbolt, but things quickly go wrong. And finally, there are 3 fan songs to share with you! Tune in, and look both ways before crossing the runway!

    The MBS Show Episode 213

    Hey there Bronies and Pegasisters!

    In today’s episode of The MBS Show, we have an awesome guest. He is an brony who reviews, discuss and plays video games. We are proud to bring you Commander Firebrand AKA Joshscorcher, join us as we talk to him about his works. It's going to be a fun episode!!! It's going to be a fun episode!!!

    Check it out in the link below!

    Royal Correspondence #7 / 8

    Episode 7
    Episode 8

    King of Limbo ToonKriticY2K: Featuring GoldenFox and Lightening Bliss

    Nearly two years ago I sat down in about my 4-5 podcast with toon kritic, and bunch of things didn't work, and I like my guest have both grown and involved.
    I've learned to have a alternating cast, to listen and edit better,
    all that said season 6 six dicussion, Brony con, conventions, the analysis community,
    getting kissed on the cheek by shinning armors voice actor and so much MORE only on King of Limbo!

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