• BronyScot Tickets Available!

    BronyScot is happy to say that tickets for their 2016 event are now available for purchase! If you're heading to the Highlands now is a good time to purchase yours today!

    Get the full info after the break!

    Here they come! BronyScot 2016 tickets are now on sale on our webstore. Check below for
    all the details you’ll need on standard entry, NTT, child discounts and of course Vendor
    Tables! We’ve got some really lovely goodies available this year in our brilliant Nessie’s
    Treasure Trove supporter tier.

    £19.99 StandardEntry

    £7.50 ChildEntry 

    £35 Nessie’s Treasure Trove

    That little bit extra really does make all the difference, it allows BronyScot to go the extra
    mile. So as a thank you for supporting the event you’ll get these awesome goodies as a
    bonus on top of entry!
    ● Metal Nessie Pin
    Convention Poster
    ● 38mm Badge Set
    ● Art cards
    Sunday 20th November Rock Nessie Tickets coming soon

    Vendor Tables - £45 Vendor table & entry

    We’ll also be offering discounts for vendor helpers. +£15 for one helper or +£25 for two
    helpers. This can also be used as a means to share a table with friends.
    Tickets on sale now over on our webstore at http://www.freewebstore.org/BronyScot

    Announcing The Super Amazing
    BronyScot Monthly Raffle

    As a special surprise and thank you to everyone that buy a ticket every month from ticket sales
    opening until November we’re holding a special raffle with lots of awesome exclusive prizes to be

    How do you enter? Simple! You’re automatically entered when you purchase a ticket to the
    event. So the earlier you get your ticket the more chances you have to win something. Basically,
    if you buy your ticket in May you'll get seven chances to win something cool, if you buy your
    ticket in October you'll only get two chances!

    The raffle is drawn at the end of each month. Prizes will be mailed out to the winners.
    Our first prize up for grabs is a wonderful 108 piece puzzle. All tickets sales during May will be

    entered in for a chance to win the puzzle.

    Twitter: Calpain