• A Bunch of People Around the Fandom Review - Newbie Dash - And New Quality Requirements

    Rainbow Dash finally hit her dream after five long seasons, and the fandom reacted! What did people think? What do they want you to think?!

    I'll be honest - we have started getting flooded with these things each week. Many of them are turning into one guy in front of a webcam with a barely legible mic talking about the episode 20 minutes after it airs. We are going to have to enforce a few quality control things here. Like every other post on EQD, people will stop watching all of them if the quality overall isn't up to some kind of part, and these posts have always been free for all. This hurts everyone, and I can't remember why I decided to do it this way.

    So, from now on, we are going to require at least a bit of effort on these. Write a script, record in HD, use high resoultion visuals, use a microphone that clearly picks you up. With episodes popping up on iTunes literally a day later now in 1080p, there really isn't much of an excuse for using grainy screenshots at 240p. I'm not going to require everyone to have an incredible non-pony creator OC with 30 vectored reactions, but at least grab some modern day cheap tech and do some editing and writing.

    NOW GO! Get your reviews below!


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