• New MLP Promo Breakdown!

    Now that Pinkie has calmed down a bit from the excitement of the promo, how about we dig a little deeper into it and see what some the juicer bits of it were! What I've been able to dig out of the promo is mainly bits and pieces from a certain episode that we should be seeing in the near future.

    So let's do some detective work after the break!

    The first new footage we all noticed in the promo was, for one, another crazy outfit by none other than Pinkie Pie, but we also catch a glimpse of Starlight in some cute glasses. Considering the theme of the other pics we're going to dig into I bet this is from the Hearth's Warming Eve episode coming up this season.

    Next up is Twilight with a book and what might look like a large present with a bow? If I had to venture a guess she just got done telling the story of Hearth's Warming Eve to Starlight since she does feature prominently in this promo and it's her first Hearth's Warming Eve with Twilight and her friends.

    Now we start getting into the juicer stuff as the promo shows off what looks like a song as these 'boy band' ponies belt out some lyrics I'm pretty sure aren't from the scene they are depicting as it seems to be another quick look at the Hearth's Warming Eve episode. Not only are they dressed in winter attire, but we can see some ornaments and the like in the background as well!

    Now for the scene you all have been talking about! Not only is it a really lovely looking scene but for the first time in a long, long while we not only see Rainbow Dash's dad, but Rarity's parents as well among the crowd of familiar and returning ponies. Also what's interesting is the appearance of Pumpkin and Pound Cake apparently singing along. Some more progression in our show perhaps?

    Finally a lovely look at Twilight's castle done up in Hearth's Warming Eve decorations! Not too bad I've got to say!

    So what do you guys think? Anything we might have missed? If so, give us your observations down in the comments!

    Also, here is the promo again, in case you missed it!

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