• Alberta Fires Charity Event Tonight!

    For those of you following the news, Alberta has been experiencing some of the worst forest fires in recent history, displacing tens of thousands of people. In an effort to help raise some money for these poor folks, there is a charity stream going on tonight starring Peter New as a special guest!

    Join the stream at 10pm Eastern/ 7pm Pacific and contribute what you can and score some neat artwork signed by Peter in thanks for your donation.

    Check on after the break for the full details!

    For those who don't yet follow Peter New's Twitter, the Canadian province of Alberta has been experiencing its worst wildfires in recent memory, leading to the largest fire-related evacuation in Albertan history. 70,000 people— the entire population of the town of Fort McMurray— have been displaced, and a dozen communities are at risk.

    On Saturday, May 7, 2016, starting at 10 PM Eastern / 7 PM Pacific, we will hold a special charity broadcast featuring DUSTYKATT and a special guest appearance by PETER NEW for a very good cause: Raising money for the Canadian Red Cross's response to the Alberta wildfires. During the stream, we will promote a special charity opportunity: Anyone who donates $20 USD (presently equal to approximately $25.82 CAD) to the cause can provide their donation receipt to receive a FREE amazingly high-quality 17" x 11" PixelKitties art print, signed by Peter New!

    This event will be the ONLY place and time you can obtain this unique artwork, presented as a gallery-quality art print. It is a special new design being created by PixelKitties this week, and will likely feature the Wonderbolts performing firefighters' duties, with Big McIntosh as an honorary Wonderbolt. Printing and signatures are being donated; all you will pay is the actual shipping cost to send the poster to you (estimated at $3 USD to the US, or $10 USD to Canada).

    This show will be hosted by the amazing brony charity veteran Dustykatt, joining The Old Grey Mare herself (BronyCon & SeaBronies founder Purple Tinker). PETER NEW himself will be making a special appearance, so don't miss a minute of the fun!
    Learn more at http://greymare.net/events/alberta/, and don't forget to follow @GreyMareShow on Twitter for updates!

    Twitter: Calpain