• Music of the Day #656

    We have lots of songs suddenly for Music of the Day. It looks like it has been a while since we got one of these up.

    Head on down below the break for stuff!

    [1] Source

    Liquid Harmony-Guardians Of Equestria (200 Subscribers Special) by Liquid Harmony

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [2] Source

    Ponysphere - Magic Parade by Ponysphere

    Vocal - Psychedelic

    [3] Source

    Einarx - Apple Destroyer 2000 by DubStepBrony R34

    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [4] Source

    BLANK - Season 2 - A CarrierofHeartbreak Story by Afro Chicken

    Instrumental - Pop

    [5] Source

    Fluttershy Sings "Unravel" [HD] by Speedy Sketch VA

    Vocal - Cover

    [6] Source

    Ryazan - Faster & Higher by Ryazan

    Instrumental - Happy Hardcore

    [7] Source

    Flutterparty by Classic-pon3

    Instrumental - Electronic

    [8] Source

    Official DJRedSkY - Determination by Official DJRedSkY

    Instrumental - Chill House