• Marks in Time - Starlight Glimmer Makes her Mark!

    The new My Little Pony CCG expansion coming in June, Marks in Time, features plenty of fun material about time and cutie marks. What a coincidence, Starlight Glimmer can cast time magic and she has a cutie mark! Oh, and there's that whole "re-writing history" thing she did to Twilight in the Season 5 finale, that's probably relevant...

    Curious about what cards Starlight is on in Marks in Time? Want a first look at several new Glimglam cards, including her first ever Mane Character? Then head on down below the break to see our EQD exclusives and more!

    Purple is the card color in MLP: CCG that most relates to Twilight Sparkle and magical stuff in general, so it's no shock that Starlight is mostly seen on Purple cards. We can see this on her two new Friend cards below.

    These two Starlights play into similar styles of using Troublemakers to mess up your opponent's gameplan, controlling the field to earn points and win at a pace you set. It's easy to foresee these two cards showing up together in some decks, giving a cute time-travel aesthetic of filly Starlight working together with adult Starlight to keep your opponent at bay.

    And if you're going to have a deck filled with Starlight Glimmers, you probably should pick the right Mane Character to lead the charge...

    Playing into the time magic theme from the Season 5 finale, Starlight Glimmer's debut Mane Character lets you take another Ready Phase the turn she's boosted. That means your exhausted cards are readied, you gain action tokens again, and you draw another card!

    Worst case scenario, this "only" earns you one card and two action tokens. Best case? Depends on how you design your deck and when you flip her over! For example, a recently revealed Orange/Purple card spoiler plays really well with getting to exhaust twice in one turn...

    Starlight's appearances in Marks in Time aren't limited to just character cards though, definitely not! Starlight was quite the problematic pony for Season 5, so she's found her way onto some Problem cards.

    Equal, or Else harkens back to when Starlight was still the leader of her little village, where ponies simply weren't allowed to excel above and beyond others around them. The card reinforces that by blocking players from playing Friends there with 3 or more power. And just like Starlight got a chance to redeem herself, A Second Chance is just that, a chance to get a free action token if your opponent gets the random chance to go first before your game starts

    Sneak Attack is a pretty straightforward Event card, again for those Troublemaker-centric control decks - pay one action token to search your deck for a Troublemaker card of your choice. Then when you play a Troublemaker from your hand immediately after, you get the fun little mind game of making your opponent wonder if you played the Troublemaker you got from Sneak Attack or another one in your hand...

    Speaking of mind games, Magic Arena is quite a card! Each turn you can risk one action token to gamble on whether or not your opponent can guess if you are telling the truth about the power of the top card of your deck. Lose the gamble? You're down one action token. Win the gamble? You get a profit of two action tokens! The first time you do that you've basically paid for the card, so every time after that is when this card really shines.

    These aren't the only cards Starlight Glimmer visually appears on in Marks in Time, and even when you don't actually see her on a card her impact is still felt throughout the set, especially on the alternate timeline cards. Marks in Time is coming soon, so stay tuned for more spoilers as we approach Prerelease Weekend - a map of Prerelease Events should be arriving tomorrow!

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