• Marks in Time - Let's Do the Time Warp Again

    The new expansion for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game comes out in June, and as the set title "Marks in Time" implies, a bunch of it is themed around timey wimey pony hijinks. There was a lot of awesome material in the Season 5 finale to work with, but that's not all! There are also some fun elements from Equestrian's historic past, Ponyville's early days, and let's not forget Season 2's Twilight breakdown episode It's About Time!

    Head down below the break for a whole bunch of time-related cards from Marks in Time, including some more Equestria Daily exclusive card reveals!

    The alternate timelines from Season 5's finale, The Cutie Re-Mark, were definitely a strong inspiration on the set. Here are two of the cards that came from the timeline where King Sombra and the Crystal Empire were invading Equestria, and all our favorite ponies were struggling to fuel the war effort.

    Rainbow Dash's bravery might have cost her a wing, but Cybernetic Limb Actuator is inspired by how she got right back into the fray. And thanks to Princess Celestia's strategies and leadership, Equestria stood up to the might of the Crystal Empire despite countless mind controlled soldiers.

    It was awesome to see Queen Chrysalis in action again, even if it was just for a few minutes. And you could really feel her influence on Equestria, how everyone was paranoid and Ever Vigilant that there might be changelings in their midst. Little did they know, at that very moment Chrysalis was already getting into position to strike! Even scarier, all those paranoid ponies were right: Chrysalis really had put some changelings in the humble little village as advance scouts, ready to turn against their "allies" when it was time to fight for their freedom.

    There wasn't enough time in the finale to give every timeline a whole bunch of screen time, but pretty much all of them at least made it onto one or two cards in Marks in Time. The two above cards are Dilemmas, which you may remember from last week's article on them, and these timelines are also in the set as a new Discord Troublemaker and a Friend card of the stuck-up Rarity from the Nightmare Moon timeline. Those aren't quite ready to be spoiled yet, though, so let's move on to some familiar faces...

    Like the opening of this article said, not all the timey cards in Marks in Time are about the alternate timelines Starlight Glimmer caused! All six of the founders of Equestria are in the set, each with various card abilities to add to the game, just like they each had something different to provide Equestria. Here we have the contingents from Unicornia and Earth making their appearances, though Commander Hurricane and Private Pansy are on their way as well!

    There's plenty more in store for Marks in Time, including Granny Smith when she was discovering Zap Apple Jam, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance as teens, alternate history versions of Applejack and Rainbow Dash, plenty of memorable episode scenes that show up on Event and Problem cards, and much more!

    Stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook, and the Card label here on EQD to keep up as more cards are debuted, and keep watch here for a big roundup of card reveals and a couple new EQD exclusive reveals to land on Friday.