• FillyCon Updates With A Lot of News

    FillyCon has a lot of really cool updates for you guys tonight regarding the convention! The first pony convention in Philadelphia it's shaping up to be a big event so far it seems!

    Check on after the break for the full scoop.

    We are less than 100 days away from the launch of our first FillyCon convention! The excitement has been building. Every day we add more fantastic people to our roster.

    Volunteers Needed:
    Our staff has been growing exponentially but we still need more help. We need:
    - Social Media – personnel to write press releases (like this one), send tweets and post in other forums.
    - Registration
    - Medical
    - Security
    - Hospitality – must have some culinary skills
    - VIP Guest Relation – absolutely must have VIP experience and solid references
    Please apply right away! Volunteer Applications

    Spirit Badges:
    We understand that not everyone can make it to Philadelphia for a convention so now we can bring the convention experience to you! When you order a Spirit Badge you will receive a badge and lanyard, convention booklet, buttons, TSSSF cards and whatever else we decide to throw in the box. Could be a leftover shirt, poster, or another special treat!

    We’ve had the pleasure of adding DJ Androm3da, WoodLore, Indie Notes, and Cyril the Wolf to our list of performers. We still need more, so please apply and don’t forget to bring the wubs!

    Community Guests:
    It wouldn’t be much of a convention without some video entertainers. Are they horse-famous? Only you can decide! We’re happy to announce ToonKriticY2K, Voice of Reason, and Josh Scorcher aka The Fiery Joker. Of course, lest we forget, Brass Knuckles, FlufflePuff, Tao of Maud, and Spike Firemane will be joining us as well!

    VIP Banquet:
    Brony Chef is flying in from Mexico to cook our VIPs a scrumptious meal and you’re invited! This is a highly coveted event which only Gold Sponsors and VIP Guests will be able to attend. If you hurry, you can use the code 20COOLER for 20% off your sponsor badge!
    If you can’t afford a high level ticket, don’t worry. Brony Chef will be hosting several panels where you can taste his delicious dishes and learn to cook them first-hand. He will also be selling two exclusive cookbooks!

    None of this would be possible without our fans. Thank you so much for your support. We can’t wait to see you in August! Check out our website for more details. www.fillycon.org

    Twitter: Calpain