• New Big 2.8.0 Update Released for My Little Pony Game - Pony Raves Now a Thing

    The My Little Pony game released version 2.8.0, and with it come a host of new things to do and spend your hard earned money on. The theme this time around is "party", which includes the following:

    • PONY PARTIES: Get together with other players and prepare to raise the hoof!
    • RAVE REQUESTS: Help the ponies have a blast by completing party quests.
    • CELEBRATION DECORATIONS: Adorn your Ponyville in festive style with 5 new shops and over 40 new decorations!
    • BLOWOUT REWARDS: Win shops, resources and decorations.
    • SPREAD THE FUN: You're gonna need more space to fit all this content -- enjoy new land expansions added to your Ponyville!

    Apparently it costs around 10 million bits to open up the new expansion of Ponyville (we haven't confirmed that yet). The VIP system added more gifts and ponies.

    Thanks to Willaim, Melody Dream, Eclectic Badger, and everyone else for sending it!