• Friendship Express Announces 2016 Event!

    Last year Malaysia held their first Friendship Express convention and much fun was had. Now the folks behind that event are back as they proudly announce the return of the convention for 2016!

    "After a successful run in 2015, The Friendship Express, Malaysian MLP:FiM Convention is back for a second year, swinging into action right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur from 19 - 20 November 2016. With the theme of "Create in Harmony", we celebrate 2016 as The Year of the Artist as a massive shoutout to artists, musicians, writers and creative spirits that make the fandom what it is. With a revamped team and more inspiration than ever, we're set to bring you a weekend of friendship you'll never forget."

    Check on after the break for full details!

    The Friendship Express, The Malaysian MLP:FiM Convention is back by popular demand,
    this time in the heart of Kuala Lumpur from the 19th to the 20th November 2016 at
    MakeSpace @ Quill City Mall.

    Following the success of the event last year, the team has grown and matured
    tremendously with more ideas and fun activities being lined up for this year’s instalment.
    The Friendship Express seeks to be an event that unites bronies from all over the country
    and beyond, drawing inspiration from similar events in the region as well as across the

    The theme for The Friendship Express 2016 is “Create in Harmony” and will shine a special
    light on the artists, musicians and creative minds that keep the fandom alive and happy
    with their fan labor. Art showcases and performances are among the many attractions you
    can expect at The Friendship Express 2016.

    For more information including directions on how to get to the venue, visit
    http://TheFriendshipExpress.org. Individuals and groups interested in opening vendor
    booths, applying to perform or volunteer are advised to watch the website for future
    announcements. The convention team can be contacted via

    Twitter: Calpain