• Let's Review: MLP #41

    Random acts of kindness are rarely celebrated, yet so vital.

    Rainbow's having a bad day. Let's see if talking about her comic might brighten the mood.

    Forecast is cloudy with a chance of spoilers!

     Everyone’s got some bad days.
    It happens to you and me.
    They even hit our heroines.
    Like a multi-hued pony. 

    It might start out well enough,
    but Dashie’s day’s soon dashed.
    She’s off to buy a brand new book
    and then her face gets smashed!

    From there the route's downhill.
    Dashie’s got an awful mood.
    Zecora calls it “Drearies” 
    but they’re not an evil brood.

    The Drearies are an attitude
    that spread  far ‘cross Equestria.
    They might start off weak and small
    but work up to Celestia!

    Harsh words spread the Drearies.
    From one another’s beget.
    It’s much too much like our world,
    ‘specially on the net! 

    As stories go, it’s pretty small.
    No push for twist nor turn. 
    The focus’ not the characters,
    But lessons ponies learn. 

    This comic’s all ‘bout style.
    The best I’ve seen in ages.
    Three different looks from Andy Price
    Spread ‘cross 22 pages. 

    Behold the many styles of Rainbow Dash!

    From Cheerilee to Gaffer,
    it’s ponies by the ton.
    A re-reads on the list.
    The artwork’s really fun!

    The humor is quite simple.
    From slapstick to 4th wall.
    The faces are the funniest,
    but in truth I loved it all. 

    If story is your focus,
    this comic may fall short.
    Don't wanna diss good parable,
    just want a fair report.  

    The tale is real simple,
    but sometimes that’s the best.
    One thing that surprised me:
    Bat-reference Adam West!

    Twitter: Silver Quill