• The First Round of Friendship Club Mailings Has Been Sent Out - What To Expect Inside!

    Back in December, Hasbro announced the "Friendship Club", a website with an optional signup for a welcome mailing. Here in January, the packs are finally arriving on people's doorsteps, filled with paper sized pony things.

    Below the break, get a breakdown on all of it!

    The envelope itself,. complete with ponies. Are those new official vectors? Or at leasts lightly edited ones.

    Back of the envelope.

    A promo for the website itself.

    Informtation for the parents!

    A letter from Princess Twilight, for fillies. I have no idea if it changes to colts if the person ordering isn't a little girl, but heres to hoping they weren't left out!

    And finally, a sampler of the first G.M. Berrow book.

    Thanks to @BasicRainbow for the images!