• OC Pony Spotlight - Taking Suggestions!

    This is a post idea a few people have suggested over the years that we have been reluctant to start up due to the complexity of the OC pony fandom, but I think it might be time. I've done a lot of research on various original characters in the fandom over the last few months (which is probably why they boosting drawfriend posts to huge numbers lately) and it makes me think this idea could actually work.

    Since most OC's are completely art based, it would be a lot different than TheSlorg's pony spotlights. I need some ideas on how you all think they should be run. A good amount of them might just end up as art dumps of well designed cartoon horses, but I would like to do more with the concept.

    For the beginning, we will probably stick to ones with large amounts of content (fanfiction, art, animations, etc), but venturing into other ideas is welcome too.

    So go my minions! In the comments, either give some ideas on how you'd want to see these posts form, or just suggest a cool OC with lots of art!