• Livestream Tuesday! Ponies and stuff...

    Its that time again people, another night of pony streaming!

    We are back for another night of streaming on Picarto.TV Come join us as we draw ourselves insane!

    Tonight's Stream:
    Allyster Black
    Couch Crusader

    Last Weeks Stream:

    Allyster Black

    Next Weeks Stream:
    Allyster Black
    Yakovlev Vad

    Check It Out Here!


    Check out last week's stuff below the break!

    Sketched by DILeak, Inked by Allyster Black, Render by NCMares
    Sketched by NCMares, Inked by DILeak, Rendered by Allyster Black
    Sketched by Allyster Black, Inked by NCMares, rendered by DILeak 

    In other news, I have achieved an awesome milestone in my art!
    I have reached my third year of drawing. In celebration I have made a mash of my best art from the last few months, and have made a quick entry on it 
    Check that out here: http://allyster-black.deviantart.com/art/The-Second-Year-589023334
    Alongside my third year I have also launched a Patreon with some awesome rewards for those interested.