• OC Pony Spotlight - Littlepip

    Lets get this post series going! The final plan is to alternate between famous OC ponies, as well as cool looking random unknown ones. To start it off, we run with one I think most of you have heard of.

    Way back in 2011 during the rapid growth period of the pony fandom, one specific crossover fic in a sea of crossovers pulled off the unimaginable, spawning what was essentially a mini-fandom of it's own. Many could argue why it was so successful, but there is one major piece of the FoE puzzle that really set it apart: Littlepip! 

    Below the break, we dive into one of the pony that started it all!

    Name: Little Pip
    Alias: Lightbringer
    Cutie Mark: Pip Buck
    Appearances: Fallout Equestria, Project Horizons
    Random Fact: One hell of a toaster repair pony
    Random Fact: The Wasteland's biggest lesbian
    Random Fact: Totally a perv
    Random Fact: She's not supposed to be cuten but how could you not see that as cute?

    Little Pips grew up in Stable 2 with her alcoholic mother Gin Rummy. She ends up getting a job as a Pip Buck stable technician while crushing on one of her fellow vault dwellers, Velvet Remedy. When the story first begins, she had just acquired her cutie mark. When Velvet requests that Pip use her technical skills to remove her Pip Buck in order to escape the vault, Little Pip feels responsible for releasing her crush, and chases after her.

    This starts in a pretty similar way to the actual Fallout games, journeying from a peaceful, yet slightly insane vault to the chaos of the wasteland and the endless challenges that a grimdark, post apocalyptic world brings.

    On a side note, She absolutely loves looking at other pony butts. Mare butts to be precise. And the occasional griffon butt. 

    Over the course her adventures in the wasteland, Little Pip experiences things that would make even the strongest of ponies give up, yet the drive to assist others keeps her busy helping countless scavengers, slaves, and a remarkable growing band of friends.

    To avoid any kind of spoilers for the fanfic, we should probably end it there unlike the typical Pony Spotlight posts that TheSlorg runs, so lets break into the fan content instead!


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