• My Little Pony: Bedtime Picture Book Cover and OFFICIAL Title Revealed!

    Mike Vogel's sunglasses really suit him.

    Not taking any chances with this one folks. There was one more nugget of information that came out of New York Toy Fair this weekend. The My Little Pony: Bedtime Picture Book was showcased at the show... however after directly speaking with Mike Vogel about the book, it turns out that Bedtime Picture Book is a placeholder for the actual title of the book. Which is understandable since it is a massive spoiler for the Season 6 opener.

    As is the cover off the book by the way, which is probably why Amazon (Currently $14.65 on Amazon.com) still hasn't revealed what it is yet.

    To see what the book is actually titled, what the cover of the book is, and the comment that Ms. Mebberson has to say about her cover you can find it all after the break!

    Special Thanks to Chevistain1 for the heads up!

    My Little Pony: Good Night Baby Flurry Heart. While the cover is cut off, there is no mistaking the hairdo that Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are looking down upon with love in their eyes.

    Aside from that comment about the cover, Ms. Mebberson went to express her excitement over Hasbro displaying her upcoming book during New York Toy Fair.

    The book is scheduled for release on April 12, 2016 (still $14.65 on Amazon.com). Have a special Equestria Daily congratulations to both Mike Vogel and Amy Mebberson for all their hard work! I for one am really looking forward to this one!