• NaPoYoMo Final Compilation! 10 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Channel!

    Alright everyone, the day has finally come! Thank you to everyone for sending in all of the videos that you've made. I hope that this is only the first step to your hobby in YouTube videos. The hiatus is the best time to hone your craft, so that when the next season airs, you will have an amazing video to send to us! It's your participation in these months that makes all the planning and editing worth it. After the break, check out the spreadsheet with all of the entrants and their videos!

    Finally, I have one last video to share with you all: 10 Tips to Improve Your Youtube Channel with Pegasus Pitch. This YouTuber has 77,000 subs with Magpiepony, which is an astonishing amount. If you're ready to go to the big leagues, watch the video after the break!

    Here is the spreadsheet. If anyone has any questions, please send me an email at ABagOfVicodin@gmail.com. If I missed you, please send me an email with the criteria posted in the spreadsheet. Thank you to everyone for making this event a success and I can't wait to do it next year. See you all soon.