• 3D Coloratura Poster and 3D Discord card at Ponycon NYC

    My Little Pony Coloratura 3D Poster at Ponycon NYC

    In celebration of Lena Hall's first MLP convention, Enterplay is debuting a 3D poster of Coloratura herself at Ponycon NYC this weekend, just in time to get it autographed! It's hard to tell how cool these posters are from a still image - this video over on Facebook helps, but seriously if you get a chance to see these in person you'll see what I mean, with each element of the poster on different layers to really give depth.

    Plus these are really durable for a poster, since they're made out of the same flexible plastic as 3D and lenticular cards. And speaking of cards, attendees at Ponycon who get this poster at the Packbreakers vendor booth #11 will get the new 3D "Princess" Discord trading card along with the 3D Rara poster. You can also see the card in the poster video, so go take a peek!