• Hasbro Releases 4th Quarter Earnings Report

    Another quarter has passed in the realm of business and you know what that means: an earnings report from Hasbro. The news this time around is quite interesting and is quite good for pony though not so good for fans of Equestria Girls.

    In the 4th quarter Hasbro saw their revenues hurt by exchange rates. All categories except for the Girls category saw increases over the quarter, Hasbro putting the blame on a decline in Furby throughout 2015. Thankfully, MLP continued to show strong growth, but was offset a bit by the decline in Equestria Girls. Overall, the girls division saw a decrease of 17% over the period.

    While the girls division has been hurting lately, the performance of pony has kept things from being much worse. Sadly for fans of EqG, it seems that sales have slumped for the franchise within the past quarter.

    From the looks of things pony is still going strong and is a staple of the Girls division of Hasbro! What the decline in EqG sales will lead to is anyone's guess at this point.

    Thanks to Joshua and Twilight Sparkle for sending it in!

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