• Hasbro Seems to Be Pushing the Cross Gender Toy Idea With Guardians of Harmony

    A new image released by Hasbro about Guardians of Harmony looks to be hoping for some crossover out of the usually little-girl dominated imagery they use for pony merchandise.  Up above, an official showing of the new Spike toy with projectile green fire was shown with both a boy and girl having fun with it. One quote on that toy in particular for those curious about how it works:

    But the BIG news can’t stay hidden anymore, as MY LITTLE PONY presents SPIKE THE DRAGON in all his glory! It’s the first time SPIKE THE DRAGON has been offered as a “grown-up” version of himself. This mighty beast comes complete with lights, sounds, and firing projectiles to help his friends defend Ponyville.

    If this is successful, and I have a feeling it will be, we might be seeing a lot of new "awesome" pony merchandise in the future. Fingers crossed!

    Get more images below. Most are just what we have already seen.

    Get an interview on these over here.

    Thanks to Madeleine for the heads up!