• Deadpool Really Likes Unicorns

    We Are Borg back, with a weird one of everyone’s favorite 4th wall breaking non-pony. We are used to seeing pony references in movies and other television shows, from almost missed initials to entire show episodes parodying the Brony fandom. Even Hasbro themselves can’t help but throw some pone in its own movies like Transformers.

    So it’s no surprise when the smart mouthed, mercenary in red gets his own slight pony reference...in the Deadpool-est way possible. The just released Deadpool movie features quite a few nerd culture references, and blatant Rated R content, but nothing combines the two quite like his stuffed unicorn.

    Join us below for SPOILERS and a powerfully edited and delicate description of just what we shouldn’t post pictures of.

    Now unlike the Adventure Time wrist-watch and the Hello Kitty moisturizer also seen in the movie, Deadpool’s lucky unicorn “friend” isn’t an official My little Pony. There is no doubt 20th Century Fox would get the pants sued off them by Hasbro if Deadpool was caught doing what he was doing with a cute stuffed Rarity.

    So generic white unicorn substitute in place, Deadpool is caught in a purely comedic moment, enjoying some "me time" nose to nose with his favorite plush. Later in the movie his stuffed companion makes a reappearance and in the credits as well for an interesting scene I won't begin to describe and spoil for you.

    The movie was hilarious and to my fellow movie watchers, I recommend you stay through the credits.