• Pony History of the Day: The -Licious Series

    Tonight we've got another set of oldies for you guys to sink your teeth into! Many a meme were started back in the early days of pony, even by some of the staff. Back in early 2012, Tara Strong posted up a tweet parodying the song 'Fergalicious', a tweet that would set in motion one of the fandoms early memes.

    Just a few days later Tara vocalized her parody using Twilight Sparkle's voice, furthering the spread of the early meme that culminated a few days after that in BlackGryphon's animated Twlightlicious video.

    From there Black made a whole series of -Licious videos, finishing up his series in late 2012 with Applelicious. Since then the meme has been brought up every so often.

    The meme permanently cemented itself into pony history when it was seen canonically in Pinkie Apple Pie!

    Updated: Thanks to all of you who found the Rarity clip on Black's dA! I forgot about that one. Also didn't know about the Discord one and completely forgot about the line from Pinkie Apple Pie. All have been added to the list!

    Check on after the break for the whole series and thanks to BillNeigh for the suggestion!

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