• Crystal Empire Playset Also On the Way With New Cadance and Shining Armor Foal

    Crystal Empire Playset Heading in September

    Joining the update of Shining Armor and Cadances new foal revealed earlier today, we also have brand new playset for those collecting them dropping around the same time in September of this year. This is a German press release, so there is a chance it will be floating around elsewhere, along with the new pony, earlier.

    Head down below for the infos on it. Unfortunately we don't have any imagery of it yet.

    The Crystal Kingdom is home to Princess Cadance and Shining Armor Prince . The game set is the original from the TV series "Friendship is Magic " inspired in look and design . It has translucent and with an integrated lighting .

    Press release over here

    Thanks to Lavender and Rainbow for sending it.