• MLP-MSP 3 Announces Brenda Chrichlow

    The next round of Minneapolis's MLP MSP has a new announcement out, including Zecora's VA Brenda Chrichlow heading to their 3rd event. Head on down below to read about it!

    Some Poison Joke has shrunk Gwen’s wings, but a remedy Zecora brings!

    MLP-MSP is very excited to announce that our first Guest of Honor is Brenda Crichlow! We are looking forward to announcing many VIPs that will be visiting MLP-MSP for their first time, and we think that Brenda puts us off to a fantastic start.

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    We’re very excited to announce that our Sponsor Badges are now available for purchase!

    Sponsors are the biggest reason why most conventions are able to exist, and we appreciate everything our past sponsors have done for us in the past. We’ve worked hard and listened to your feedback, and believe that we have some great options for sponsoring MLP-MSP this year.
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