• EQD Podcast #4: The Hiatus and Season 5 Finale!

    Hello everyone! We had a bunch of fun recording this week's podcast on the finale and hiatus and we had the pleasure of having Aquaman on for his first podcast with EQD! Unfortunately, Aquaman is funnier than all of us, so we felt like casuals sitting next to his greatness.

    One more thing before I link the video. We would like to put together a header image for the EQD Podcasts but unfortunately, none of us are artistic. If anyone would like to donate an art to the podcast, check after the break for the type of picture we are looking for. Other then that, catch the podcast out and have a nice day!

    To the artists: Phoe came up with an excellent idea for what she wants our picture to be and it is as follows: Spotlight and Rocket sitting in a studio between a mic, with an assortment of EqD-related OCs comically pressed up against a window looking in.

    All of our OCs can be found on the staff page here, except for mine which can be found on my YouTube channel. Send any pictures created to ABagOfVicodin@gmail.com or you can tweet them @Sethisto_EQD or @ABagOfVicodin. Or send them to the submit box at submit@equestriadaily.com. Thank you for your time and have an excellent day!