• Coloratura Gets More Love: The Spectacle (FlightRush Remix) / The Spectacle (Redd Pony Remix) / The Magic Inside (StealingShad3z Remix)

    Several weeks later, and we are still seeing a flood of RAZZLE DAZZLE, and a bit of being pony making mistakes. I can't complain!

    Get three new renditions of Coloratura songs below!

    1.) MLP - The Spectacle (FlightRush RVZZLE DVZZLE Remix) (Remix - Electronic)
    2.) Daniel Ingram - The Spectacle (Redd Pony Remix) (Remix - Drumstep)
    3.) StealingShad3Z - The Magic Inside (I Am Just A Pony) - Cover (Remix - Acoustic)