• Unreleased Scripts and Notes from Amy Keatings Rogers - New Characteers, and Derpy!

    As one of the fandom's favorite Friendship is Magic writers, Amy Keating Rogers has been a pretty big deal for a lot of people. The Smile Song converted quite a few. As she moves on to her new big career at Disney, a few unreleased pony script pieces that didn't quite make it into the show, or were completely changed, have been posted over on her Twitter page.

    Head on down below the break to check them out!

    New Character: Gallop-a-Gus

    Cut scene with Applejack and Rarity from The Last Roundup

    Rough lyrics for the Voting Song in Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    Derpy Hooves!

    Early note for a meeting with Lauren Faust

    List of random pony names

    Bridle Gossip

    Fall Weather Friends

    Diamond Tiaras Song

    Pinkie Pride Lyrics

    Crusaders of the Lost Mark notes

    Embarassing names for Granny Smith to call Apple Bloom in Cutie Pox

    More Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    Testing Testing Notes

    Notes naming Soarin'


    Canterlot Botique notes

    Thanks to Fenrir for the heads up!