• Music of the Day #585

    Comfy BEST FRIEND horses present: Music of the Day. Just look how FRIENDLY they are.

    Get the usual set below!

    [1] Source

    Diamond Tiara- The Pony I Want to Be (Royalpony Trance-ish Hardstyle Remix) by royalpony5300


    [2] Source

    Haunted House - Sights Unseen by Sights Unseen

    [3] Source

    Visions of Saddle Arabia by Rarity Advocate

    [4] Source

    On Your Own - Tyson Live Covering Woodlore by Tyson Nuggets

    [5] Source

    YourEnigma - On Hold (DolceTikky Remix) by DolceTikky

    [6] Source

    We Need Our Cutie Marks Back - Original MLP Song by Ice Gaze

    [7] Source

    Galaxies - Panic Feat. Robb Stone [Glexes Remix] by Glexes

    Melodic Dubstep